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CCELL Ceramic Vape Coils

Once you go CCELL you’ll never go back.

Vaporesso’s CCELL vape coils are a real game changer.

The revolutionary porous ceramic coils deliver the truest taste of your e-juice in comparison to cotton wicks which can taint your hit as it is easy to burn out.

CCELL can handle higher heats than competing coils, producing more vapour and a true taste, untainted by any unpleasant burning.


The CCELL is truly beyond the ordinary, providing better performance than standard coils and is highly compatible, working with almost any standard tank or kit.
Try the CCELL and enjoy its taste and performance. You won’t go back!

1 x cCell coil

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CCELL Vape Coils were developed to provide:

  • no_spitting.png

    A non spit experience

  • no_dry_hits.png

    No dry hits

  • leak_free_design.png

    Far more durable coils with a longer life cycle

  • max_flavour.png

    True taste

  • black_and_stainless_steel.png

    Available in different metals to suit your preferences

  • safety.png

    ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety